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New developments in the field of industrial digital printing (2)

application of industrial digital printing

1 Commercial field

1) as the world's second largest printing service provider, Donnelly has put its new business focus on the industrial digital printing field to provide customers with all-round high value-added services

equipment: it has 9 Xeikon, all of which are used to print personalized direct mail products

on behalf of the user: Nokia

product type: advertising and product brochure

product features: spot color, frequent change of product information, large batch, large total amount, short delivery time and wide service area

the high consistency of brand publicity puts forward higher requirements for the services of printing enterprises, especially the long-distance services. Only the industrialized digital printing equipment can guarantee the quality and have the performance of high-speed production. At least 14. Remove the damaged samples to meet the high-end needs of customers in terms of quality, equipment and delivery time

2) vertis

vertis is one of the largest advertising media service providers in the United States. It introduces industrial digital printing to provide its customers with global integrated solutions to enhance production capacity and business flexibility, make up for the shortcomings of the original single solution, and adapt to the rapid growth of the market

equipment: five Xeikon 5000 are used to print digital direct mail products

on behalf of the user: Ford

product type: Product data and user manual

product features: extremely high printing quality, a large number of personalized service content (2500 orders per day on average, and the name, address and product content of each order are different)

for the mass printing business with dozens or even hundreds of variable information, only industrialized digital printing can ensure the accuracy of printing content, excellent and stable printing quality, and timely, fast and efficient printing service

in addition, vertis's users also cover energy, transportation, environmental protection, on the other hand, they can better meet the needs of energy conservation and environmental protection, electronics, tourism and other fields. Industrialized digital printing has brought them rich investment returns

highlights: Xeikon's unique "supplier of aluminum lithium alloy has improved the characteristics of materials according to our requirements, double-sided printing" technology, the production speed of up to 7800 pages/hour A4, and the powerful x-800 front-end process control system

value: it saves resources and costs, deepens the intimacy with customers, shortens the business cycle, and improves operation efficiency

as a new marketing method, direct mail has been widely and successfully applied in the world. After China's entry into WTO, the influx of a large number of foreign-funded enterprises will certainly promote the development of China's direct mail market and bring new shocks to China's marketing market. Industrialized digital printing will undoubtedly become the backbone to support the development of China's direct mail

2. Label field

1) venturinni is the first digital printing service company in Italy to provide labels for wine producers

equipment: 2 Xeikon label digital printers

main business: printing high-end wine labels

product features: high quality requirements, outstanding personalized features, small single demand and large overall demand

highlights: Xeikon creates exquisite pattern reproduction, bright colors, high-speed and flexible production, reel structure and strong online processing ability, and a wide range of printing materials

value: low production costs, high-quality personalized services, and a wide range of business areas (products involve offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing and other fields)

2) Belgium bopack company

used Xeikon label digital printer to print 200 labels for biscuit maker delacre in 10 minutes, winning new business

with the development of digital printing technology, printing labels with digital printing machine has gradually developed into a major label printing method. Only the industrial digital printer can meet the special needs of short label printing in three aspects: quality, speed and on-line processing after printing

in European and American countries, digital printing machine printing labels has even replaced offset printing, gravure printing, printing, etc. as the third main printing means after flexo printing and embossing printing. Xeikon color digital printing equipment is one of the preferred equipment for foreign users to print color labels, and it is also one of the most widely used label digital printing equipment

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