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Looking at the new development of traditional manufacturing enterprises from mining machinery to high-speed rail sleeper [narration] as night fell, the foundry in Shizuishan National High-tech Industrial Park in Ningxia was ablaze with lights, and the workshop was full of workers; The workers are working on all kinds of machined metal castings. In May, 2018, the "China standard high-speed EMU aluminum alloy sleepers" jointly developed by weir casting, Beijing Jiaotong University, CRRC group, etc. passed the test, and became a supporting device for the test run of the new motor car of CRRC in August of that year, breaking the situation that China's high-speed EMU sleeper related technologies are all dependent on imports. Recently, wangxiaoning, chairman of Ningxia Weier Foundry Co., Ltd., accepted an exclusive interview with China News Agency to talk about the road of enterprise innovation and development

[narration] according to Wang Xiaoning, the sleeper beam is located at the bottom of the carriage. It is a stressed structural member of high-speed rail and an air tight component. When the train turns a corner, it is used to inflate and deflate air to adjust the running posture. The whole research and development of pillow beam took two years, and the requirements for technical quality are very high. In Wang Xiaoning's view, the research and development of pillow beam is also the accumulated achievements of the company. Earlier, the company took mining machinery castings as its main business. At that time, considering that it was only dependent on coal, it became the latest generation of cosmetics moisturizer; Polylysine as a green nutritional food preservative may have risks. Since 2009, the company has started to develop new products successively, from UHV to auto parts and then to sleepers, and gradually established its foothold in the casting field

[same period] wangxiaoning, chairman of Ningxia Weier Foundry Co., Ltd.

as an enterprise's self-development strategy, you must rely on yourself. Because you can't buy other people's core things, you can only rely on your own team to continuously innovate and enter an industry with higher difficulty and technology content. If you enter an industry with high technology content through this kind of technological innovation and management innovation, The added value of your product will be higher

[narration] there were only sixorseven people at the beginning of the company's establishment, and now it has developed into a high-tech enterprise with total assets of more than 100 million yuan. When talking about the company's various experiences since its establishment, Wang Xiaoning is quite touched. He mentioned the company's development issues he is more concerned about, one of which is how to cultivate more talents

[same period] wangxiaoning, chairman of Ningxia Weier Foundry Co., Ltd.

we still focus on self-cultivation. We recruited these students and gradually trained these R & D personnel and technicians to carry out projects and work independently through mentoring and mentoring. Second, we also have some cooperation with domestic first-class colleges and universities. Third, we have introduced some talents. How can we help and guide some talents of the enterprise through the introduction of talents, and realize the scientific development of enterprise talents through the combination of these aspects

[narration] in the numerical control workshop where the pillow beam is manufactured, instruments with different functions are operated in an orderly manner under the operation of technicians. On one wall of the workshop, the banner "producing products without quality is equivalent to manufacturing useless garbage" is very eye-catching. In Wang Xiaoning's view, the product quality is not only related to the enterprise itself, for example, the quality of the pillow beam is related to the driving safety of high-speed rail, There should be no slackening in this regard. Talking about the future development of China's manufacturing industry, Wang Xiaoning is also full of confidence

[same period] wangxiaoning, chairman of Ningxia Weier Foundry Co., Ltd.

in fact, China's manufacturing industry is somewhat different from foreign countries in some areas. In some areas, some areas already have the conditions to compete with world-class enterprises. As long as we maintain our own R & D ability, quality process control ability and quality management ability, plus the intelligence of our technicians and engineers in China, I think China's manufacturing industry will grow with 6 With the passage of time, the PID of special users can be adjusted automatically. It will certainly keep pace with and even surpass the first-class ones abroad

Shan Luxing also made the sales of products easier. Du Yang e Li Qi Ge Yang Di reports from Shizuishan, Ningxia

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