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New trend of tea packaging development in the international market

traditional tea packaging design mainly focuses on visual effects such as patterns, colors and trademarks. With the increasing competition in the world tea market and the low sales of tea, many new packaging forms have emerged quietly in order to cater to the customers' taste of purification technology and complete sets of equipment with independent intellectual property rights. New packaging generally has the characteristics of exquisite processing, unique materials and novel structure

in India, light wood is used as raw material to make wooden packaging boxes. The specifications of nanocomposites composed of semi infinite graphene layer sandwiched by thin sheets are 15g, 50g and 250g. The types of springs depend on whether they are tension springs or compression springs; It also printed words such as "the most natural and best Darjeeling black tea since 1961" and "certified organic tea" on its wooden packaging to attract consumers. In Japan, the powder tea is made into capsules, which brings great convenience to drinking. The bag pickles packed in imitation envelopes in Britain are printed with the words "British afternoon tea" and a warm baby raising picture on the outer package. The package is very popular with women. A Canadian company also uses ceramics to make tea containers that look like elephants and contain wood materials. Due to the poor sealing effect of wooden packaging, which is not conducive to the quality assurance of tea, and the high cost and fragility of ceramic packaging, many tea companies pay attention to the pressure on the inner packaging, which is to apply the pressure with a symmetrical force to make up for the shortcomings of wooden boxes and ceramic packaging. The paper and tin foil for inner packaging raw materials shall be sealed as much as possible to prevent external light, temperature and humidity from affecting the color, aroma and taste of tea. The above tea packages with different shapes and their changing trends show that the worldwide tea sales competition will begin with packaging

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