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The new development of H9000 series computer monitoring system

Abstract: This paper first introduces the development, promotion and application of H9000 system in hydropower plant "unattended" (few people on duty) and "first water power plant", introduces the cooperative development of the automation project of the Three Gorges power plant, and finally introduces the latest research and development achievements of H9000 system

key words: H9000 V3.0 new development of hydropower plant monitoring system introduction in terms of research and application of computer monitoring technology in hydropower plants, the Automation Institute of China Academy of water resources and hydropower has gone through more than 20 years of history. The H9000 system series computer monitoring system has been developed and applied to nearly 100 large, medium and small hydropower automation projects such as Baishan cascade in Northeast China, The system exported to tis abay cascade II power station in Ethiopia has been put into commercial operation in early 2001. The transformation project of introducing computer monitoring system into Geheyan power station has been completed, and the "closed door operation" of the expanded power station of 100MW units in Hunan town has been realized. The combination is the most direct method to settle the stale experimental data. The company won the bid for the computer monitoring system project of the Three Gorges cascade dispatching center and the left bank power station, including Baishan, Longyangxia, Jinshuitan, Wuxi River Dongfeng, Dongjiang and other six hydropower plants have passed the acceptance of "yishuishui power plant" of Guodian Corporation, which has created necessary conditions. What is the value of the experimental machine? It is of great significance to sum up the past and look forward to the future. This paper first introduces the development, popularization and application of H9000 distributed open system and its important engineering achievements, as well as the work done in the "unattended" (few people on duty) of hydropower plants and the creation of "yishuishui power plant", briefly introduces the progress of the cooperative development of the automation system of the Three Gorges cascade control center and the monitoring system of the left bank power station participated by the Institute of automation of the Academy of hydraulic Sciences, and finally introduces the new progress of the technical development of H9000 system. 1. H9000 distributed open system and its popularization and application at the end of 1980s, computer technology has developed into a new open technology era. The Institute of automation of the Academy of water sciences complied with the development trend of technology of the times and launched a new H9000 series distributed open system in the early 1990s. The overall design and key technology research of H9000 system was completed in june1994 for about 12 months. In the overall design stage of the system, he participated in technical exchanges with foreign companies (such as CAE, abb, Siemens, Elin, etc.) for many times, and completed the computer monitoring system of Wuqiangxi Hydropower Station developed in cooperation with Langer company of the United States. Through international exchanges and cooperation, we have been greatly inspired, selectively absorbed some of the more advanced technical ideas of these companies' systems, and made the overall design of H9000 system close to the international advanced level. According to our experience, in the design of H9000 system, in order to ensure the progressiveness, openness and portability of the system, the following problems have been seriously considered and well solved: (1) actively adopt international open standards to synchronize the system with the development of international technology; (2) Selectively absorb foreign advanced technologies and ideas, and do not copy them mechanically; (3) Strong adaptability, not limited to a certain hardware or software platform; (4) Provide perfect standardized system software and powerful configuration development means; (5) Adopt standardized and open hardware and software products to prevent the use of non-standard products; (6) To do something but not to do something, concentrate on developing system application software and system integration; (7) The system should have independent copyright; (8) Inherit the tradition and consider the national conditions. In terms of hardware selection and system platform selection, the system refers to the latest international computer hardware products, software products, real-time industrial control products and future development trends, and adopts system open technologies, such as 64 bit alpha workstation, UNIX operating system, Ethernet communication, x/window man-machine interface, etc. the controller widely adopts various programmable controllers familiar with the power industry. The functional design and development of H9000 system, based on our nearly 20-year experience in this field, fully considered China's national conditions and the needs of users, can basically cover the functional requirements of domestic hydropower plants. In addition, we have also developed a number of practical development tool software, such as IPM interactive graphics development system, dbgen database development system, PDC comprehensive calculation tool software, controllock control locking tool software, API interface, etc., which not only improves the efficiency and quality of system development integration, but also provides users with a means of system secondary development. The v1.0 version of the system has been developed on a large scale for about 18 months since june1994, and has completed the delivery, operation and defect elimination of the first batch of systems, including Fengtan, Hunan, Zhejiang and Baozhusi, Sichuan. Among them, the computer monitoring system of the Hunan town expansion project has realized the shutdown operation of the power station for the first time in China after a year of stable trial operation, which has attracted the high attention of the leaders of Guodian Corporation. At the end of 1996, we completed the whole process of transplanting the ndow NT platform to wi you and tens of thousands of young people, marking that when the water is ready, we can make a choice. The Automation Institute of CAS has a fully compatible H9000 series distributed open system that can run on both UNIX and window NT operating system platforms. At present, H9000 series products have been upgraded to V3.0 after continuous enrichment, improvement and perfection. The major improvements in V3.0 compared with the past include the direct Ethernet connection of the programmable controller, the web browsing function of the monitoring system, the latest international standard communication protocol library and software package, which further improve the reliability and maintainability of the system. As one of the development environments of H9000 system, IPM interactive graphics development system won the third prize of 1998 science and technology progress award of Guodian Corporation. So far, H9000 series computer monitoring system has been widely used in nearly 100 large, medium and small water conservancy and hydropower automation projects, such as northeast Baishan cascade, Qinghai Longyangxia, Hunan Dongjiang cascade, Fengtan, Zhejiang Wuxi River cascade, Jinshuitan, Xin'an River, Guizhou Dongfeng, Wujiangdu, Shaanxi Ankang, Guangxi Xijin, Xinjiang Korla cascade, Beijing Miyun energy storage power station and other large hydropower stations, As well as Tianjin DAZHANGZHUANG pumping station, Northwest Water Transfer Center and Gansu Jingtaichuan Yellow River Diversion Irrigation Project of Luanhe Tianjin water diversion project, two sets of systems have been exported to Ethiopia and Macedonia respectively, the computer monitoring system of Geheyan power station imported from abroad has been transformed, the "closed door operation" of Hunan town 100MW unit expansion power station has been realized, and the Three Gorges cascade dispatching center and left bank power station computer monitoring system project have been jointly won the bid, It has made remarkable achievements. 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