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Six notes for interior stair decoration

1 It is reported that the stairs in general duplex and duplex houses can be demolished and reconstructed, while the stairs in single system and split storey houses cannot be demolished and reconstructed at will. However, no matter what kind of residential structure, when removing the original building components, we should first say hello to the property department

2. Communicate with the manufacturer

before installing the stairs, it is best to communicate and inquire about the preliminary stair scheme with the stair designer before the overall decoration. This is very important, because the stairs should be coordinated with the overall decoration, and the style, material, slope, etc. should be considered in advance. Don't think that the stairs should be installed at the end of the decoration. In addition, manufacturers generally have a production cycle of 30 ~ 40 days

3. Measurement and design

engineers or decoration designers should come to the door to measure and collect the technical data of all stair openings. If finished stairs are selected, the designer of the manufacturer should communicate with the designer of the decoration company on site to determine the best scheme. The designer produced a plane color rendering

4. Sign the order

after the final confirmation of the design scheme of the stairs, consumers can sign the order confirmation with the manufacturer and pay the advance payment

5. Stair assembly

high grade finished stairs are generally componentized and can be assembled at home. In the past, stair decoration relied on on-site construction, which was not only a large amount of work, but also difficult to control the quality. The factory processed stairs not only ensure the quality, but also have richer shapes. The biggest advantage is that the construction and installation are faster and more convenient. As long as the stair style is selected at the beginning of the interior design and the opening of the floor opening is determined, the decoration plan can be carried out with confidence. This kind of installation can be completed by only two workers, ranging from a few hours to three days. Sometimes even non professionals can complete the assembly quickly by referring to the assembly drawings. In fact, in foreign countries, people mostly complete the installation of stairs through "DIY". It is also convenient to repair and replace the standardized stair components if they are damaged. These characteristics are very suitable for the requirements of duplex residential and villa full decoration projects

6. After sales service

for the finished stairs, the manufacturer should provide after-sales service card, product certificate and operation manual after installation. In addition, many manufacturers will give supporting tools for convenient use in daily life in the future





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