Top ten brands of the latest customized wardrobe

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Laoka wardrobe - Guangdong Laoka Furniture Co., Ltd.

Laoka wardrobe is currently the only production and operation enterprise in China's wardrobe industry built by German Shule company with strict industrial standards in Germany. Laoka wardrobe has an original Italian design style, pursues the design concept of "science and technology, environmental protection, human nature, fashion", adheres to the enterprise purpose of "innovation and enterprise development, talent oriented" and adheres to the service concept of "full process professional and worry free", It has won the attention of the world. It is a fashion customized home furnishing enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and sales

Yigao wardrobe - Yigao customized furniture group

Yigao home, the pioneer of domestic customized furniture, is a professional furniture brand integrating R & D, design, production, sales and service. The company has an international production center of more than 200000 square meters and a fully intelligent marketing service center. It has introduced a full set of German Haomai production equipment and Italian bias equipment, and has established long-term strategic cooperative relations with world-class material suppliers such as German glue King hot melt adhesive, German Ruihao edging leather, German haitishi hardware, Korean LG blister film, Daya plate, Japan bonle, Austria Blum, etc, It has built a leading fully intelligent production and manufacturing base in Asia, and realized the automation, informatization and fine operation of product manufacturing

karoya wardrobe - Guangzhou Huabiao furniture materials Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Huabiao furniture materials Co., Ltd. is a franchise enterprise of karoya brand wardrobe and supporting customized home furnishings that integrates R & D, design, production, sales and service. Founded in March, 2001, karoya, as the earliest customized wardrobe brand in China, now has a production base of more than 150000 square meters and an internationally leading intelligent production line. Information management is fully implemented in production, and fixed-point analysis and whole process control are adopted to ensure product quality

Guangzhou shiyiyi Furniture Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou shiyiyi Furniture Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003. Its design and production of shiyiman wardrobe is one of the founding brands of China's customized wardrobe. With a strong sense of mission and responsibility for the development of China's customized industry, shinieman has always been committed to promoting China's customized wardrobe towards originality, standardization, popularization and maturity

dinggu wardrobe - Guangzhou dinggu Jichuang household products Co., Ltd.

dinggu has its own production base, equipped with internationally leading German panel furniture production line, imported eco door series production line, precision hydraulic door control series production line, complete sets of hardware locks, precision mold CNC production line, etc. Focusing on product research and development and technological innovation, the company has long carried out school enterprise cooperation with many famous universities such as Sun Yat sen University, Jiangxi University of Finance and economics, Nanjing Institute of technology, etc., jointly developed high-tech products and innovative management technology, and pioneered a new 4D (exquisite design, precise installation, excellent quality, careful maintenance) service mode

easily wardrobe - Guangzhou Runxing furniture materials Co., Ltd.

easily wardrobe is a professional brand of overall customized wardrobe and supporting furniture under Guangzhou Runxing furniture materials Co., Ltd. founded in 2001, it is listed as the "chairman unit of China overall wardrobe alliance", "chairman unit of Guangdong wardrobe Association" and "vice chairman unit of wardrobe Professional Committee of all China Federation of industry and commerce". The company has strong strength, It integrates product R & D and design, customized production, sales service, distribution and installation, and after-sales service, and provides customers with an integrated customized solution for whole house furniture based on wardrobe

Rafael wardrobe - Guangzhou Rafael Furniture Co., Ltd.

Rafael furniture is a modern customized wardrobe franchise enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. The product originates from the classic design concept of Italian customized furniture, integrates the essence elements of Chinese culture, and is simple, fashionable and luxurious. It is the first choice brand to create a tasteful home

Defman wardrobe - Guangzhou Charon building materials Co., Ltd.

defman wardrobe deformat is a customized furniture enterprise integrating R & D, design, production and sales. With high-quality environmental protection materials, cutting-edge fashion design, German rigorous management mode, industry-leading manufacturing technology and advanced equipment, and the purpose of paying equal attention to quality and service, we can produce integral furniture with art, function and quality, radiate the national market, serve the majority of consumers, and constantly create new standards for the overall wardrobe industry

yadis wardrobe - Guangzhou Hengya Furniture Industry Co., Ltd.

yadis art is a brand operated and managed by Guangzhou Hengya Furniture Industry Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Hengya Furniture Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest and largest customized furniture brand companies in China, established in 2002. It integrates design, R & D, production and sales, and mainly produces civilian panel customized furniture and kitchen cabinets. It has two brands, "Addis art" and "innovation. Home"

Dolby wardrobe - Dolby household products industry Co., Ltd.

" Dolbe " It is a modern fashion home brand, and also represents a life attitude of pursuing individuality and advocating elegance. Absorb the essence of modern home design, match different home decoration styles, combine the unique living habits of Oriental people, and combine art and technology perfectly. Use exquisite furniture technology to run the ingenious design through the brand, and show the modern home trend of fashion, aesthetics, personality and environmental protection




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