Mediterranean style restaurant enjoys endless char

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Behind the screen is a small, like a bar restaurant. The restaurant is connected to the kitchen, which is very convenient. The self-designed screen has become a unique topic in this area. Walking into the owner's restaurant will make people feel “ Is this a restaurant or a conference room ” A sense of confusion. The inquiry turned out to be the result of the owner's intention. Sun Yaming believes that the rigidity of people's thinking mode makes them subconsciously think that unconventional things or phenomena are incorrect& ldquo; And I just want to break him& rdquo; Sitting in a comfortable chair, you can use it anywhere. Even the advertising language of those chairs also means this. Today, completely adhering to a certain paradigm is no longer in line with the spirit of diversity

black, white and pink are used on the dining table. The deep space on the wall with vertical stripes can be used not only as a simple workbench, but also for decoration and transformation in the future

the restaurant is located in the corner of the living room, and the unique shape of the dining table and chair is very modern. The life photos of the owner are displayed at the far end, and the life atmosphere of the space is full

Arab style chandeliers, American pure wood furniture, and traditional Chinese style carpets perfectly interpret the concept of mixing and matching

the dining area is the most colorful place in the home, no matter the chandelier, tableware or napkin





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