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now the advantages of various publicity integrated walls are everywhere in the market, but it seems that there are few shortcomings to analyze. So, what should we pay attention to in the process of using it? At present, the integrated walls sold in the market are mainly divided into bamboo wood fiber integrated walls, aluminum alloy walls and stone plastic walls according to their materials. Mainly these three. Other kinds of gimmick wallboards, such as "aviation nano board", "polymer bamboo charcoal board", "formaldehyde absorption board", "fifth generation Microcrystalline stone board", are almost not integrated wallboards, but some PVC or stone plastic boards. These will appear aging, cracking, deformation and other phenomena within a few years of use, and they are not integrated wall panels at all. Therefore, tscn Tuscany today focuses on explaining several mainstream integrated wall panels in the market to see if they have shortcomings

first of all, bamboo and wood fiber integrated wallboard. This kind of wall panel is also the most mainstream panel on the market at present. So focus on this kind of plate. Its outstanding features are relatively environmental protection, no odor, fast and convenient decoration, and durable use. However, the material is extruded from bamboo fiber and polymer resin. Therefore, many businesses will use some recycled wood fibers to process them in the formulation process. The shortcomings of this recycled material can be seen by the naked eye. The cross section of the whole plate is blackened and has a strong sense of graininess. In the process of use, it is obvious that the plate is easy to deform. And it is easy to age. Generally, aging will occur after three to five years of use

in addition, some bamboo and wood fiber boards will be extruded directly with PVC and calcium powder without bamboo and wood fiber, which is equivalent to the previous PVC strip gusset board. Some businesses of this kind of plate can even bend it into a 360 degree circle. It seems to have the advantage of toughness, but in fact it hides this huge disadvantage. This kind of PVC strip gusset plate has been eliminated by the market a few years ago because it is easy to emit formaldehyde and easy to age. In recent years, taking advantage of the trend of integrated wall, it began to appear in front of the common people again, so don't buy this kind of PVC strip gusset plate. It is also known as "engineering board". Don't buy it, otherwise the after-sales and health problems may be more than the little money you save. Therefore, when purchasing integrated wall panels, we must carefully see their materials, rather than blindly pursuing low prices. Finally, it is too late to buy a pile of waste and regret going home

next, let's talk about aluminum alloy walls. Aluminum alloy integrated wall is the first to appear in the building materials market, and its principle is actually a little similar to the first kitchen and bathroom ceiling. At first, the integrated ceiling is installed in the kitchen and bathroom with aluminum gusset plates. But it is difficult to break through the ceiling of the whole room. Finally, some ceiling manufacturers of Jiaxing Haiyan invented a layer of foaming layer and tin foil on the back. Formed by pressing three layers, it has become the earliest prototype of integrated wallboard. Later, the ceiling of the whole house was successfully promoted, and finally it was slowly extended to the wall decoration. The first disadvantage of this integrated wall is that the price is relatively high, which many people can't accept. The second is that the aluminum alloy layer of the wallboard is very soft, and it is easy to dent when moving furniture or when children bump into it. And this shortcoming is difficult to recover. Third, it's not particularly good for cutting shape. The fourth is the so-called aluminum alloy wall conductive, shielding signals and other statements spread in the market, which make people afraid to purchase. The first three shortcomings are the most realistic of aluminum alloys at present, and the last one is the need to use real data or proof to dispel the misunderstanding of people across the country, or to prove its authenticity is also a very big problem

the last wall panel material is stone plastic board. This kind of plate has a very narrow acceptance now. The reason is that his shortcomings are obvious. It is completely made of calcium powder and PVC powder. His overall hardness and gloss are very good, but there is almost no toughness. The wallboard is also a large piece of fixed size. In the usual construction process, it is almost impossible to implement the integrated decoration of the wall top. Moreover, the walls made with this integrated wall decoration need to be glued with glue. After installation, the shortcomings such as nailing and wall fragmentation during the installation of switching appliances must be overcome. Therefore, this is not recommended directly

finally, I would like to emphasize with you. Integrated wall panel is a new type of wall block packaging material invented in China recently this year. There is absolutely no international import, nor the so-called import from Germany, import from South Korea and so on. If you usually look at the material, you still have to really see the brand, material, service and other elements. Don't be fooled by some gimmicks. Only when the other party shows you a real decoration case, can he believe that he can bring you a really good decoration effect and good health, and can he bring people a real decoration effect

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