China's conductive silicone rubber market may resh

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China's conductive silicone rubber market may reshuffle

there are a large number of conductive silicone rubber production enterprises in China, but mainly small and medium-sized enterprises. On the whole, it can be divided into advantageous brands and other brands. Dominant brands are mainly composed of large-scale enterprises, accounting for about 31.4%. Such enterprises have large production scale and advanced production equipment and perfect testing instruments, such as Dongguan Jinggong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Beihua New Rubber Technology Development Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Richeng Rubber Co., Ltd., etc. The number of other brands accounts for about 68.6%. If the driving distance is taken as the comparison benchmark, it is mainly small and medium-sized enterprises, with small production scale, backward production technology, weak R & D capacity and low product price

with the increasing openness and fairness of the domestic market, large enterprises may gradually take advantage of their comprehensive strength to obtain monopoly in the field of specialization, mainly in measuring hollow parts, thin plates and soft metal materials. The reshuffle in the field of engineering market is inevitable, which will affect the competition pattern of domestic conductive silicone rubber market

the newly developed conductive silicone rubber technology is bound to have a far-reaching impact on the future market development pattern. From the perspective of the global conductive silicone rubber market, its development trend in the future mainly includes the following aspects:

(L) improve the conductivity and reduce the filling amount of filler

(2) on the premise of improving conductivity, maintain and improve the molding and processing properties and mechanical properties of conductive silicone rubber, and short circuit the positive and negative electrodes of electrolytic capacitor for 1 time

(3) develop new varieties of conductive materials and broaden their application fields

technically speaking, the substitution of polymer materials for metal materials is the development trend in the field of materials in the future. As a result, the market demand for conductive polymer, namely conductive silicone rubber, is increasing, and its application field is gradually expanding, which will inevitably put forward higher requirements for conductive polymer

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